MSFN Safe Return to School Plan

MSFN Safe Return to School Plan

Safe Attendance

Illness in Care

  • Students, staff, families who are ill should stay home.



  • Multiple modes of ongoing communication should occur. 
  • Email, Remind, Facebook


Safe Transportation


  • Cleaning and disinfection should remain in place and be a standard practice.
  • It is recommended students under the age of 12 and unvaccinated adults wear masks in common areas such as buses. 


Safe Access

School-day Structure

   No prescribed school-day structure is required. 


Safe Facilities


  • It is recommended that students and staff wear masks in common areas such as hallways, washrooms, lunch rooms and libraries. For outdoor activities such as recess or outdoor gym classes, there is no recommendation for students to mask.
  • School-wide plan for enhanced cleaning and disinfection should continue to be in place. 
  • Ensure hand washing facilities are operational (hot and cold running water) and stocked (soap and paper towel). 


Safe Classrooms


  • It is strongly recommended for all students, staff and visitors to wear a mask.  MSFN will promote a mask-friendly environment. 


  • Promote appropriate hand hygiene.


Physical Contact

  • There are no guidelines for physical distancing for students or staff.



  • Full Saskatchewan curriculum will be taught by teachers.
  • The provincial exams will be optional for the 2021-2022 school year.



  • Provincial exams are optional for the 2021-22 school year.



Safe Activities

Sports and Fitness Activities 

  • Resume regular activities.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Field Trips

  • Resume regular activities.

Nutrition Programs

  • Resume regular activities.
  • Continue good practice of controlling areas where children are preparing food and/or eating (seated, hand hygiene, cleaning and sanitation of food surfaces, etc.).

Other Items


  • Staff assume the shared responsibility of assisting one another in maintaining healthy and safe workplaces.
  • Staff are encouraged to avail themselves of all Ministry of Health recommended vaccinations.
  • Staff are encouraged to discuss the efficacy of recommended vaccinations with their personal health care providers.
  • Anyone turning 12 this year and older is currently eligible for vaccines.  


Contact Tracing and Quarantining

  • The collaboration between the Saskatchewan Health Authority, MSFN Health and schools will continue and will reflect the needs of the school as required.
  • When cases are identified in schools, schools and school divisions will continue to be notified by public health officials in order to inform students and parents. Contact tracing will continue to occur, and unvaccinated close contacts may be directed to self-isolate as deemed appropriate by public health.